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Your Life Vision and Purpose

Available Online

Discover a compelling reason for living filled with meaning and purpose,

  • 1 hour

Service Description

Description: We all share an innate desire for meaning, direction and purpose. Your Life Vision and Purpose is a series of coaching sessions designed to help you identify what really matters in your life, what you would love to do more of, a clearer picture of the person you want to be, and the kind of life you desire. Shawntell, a certified health & wellness coach and yoga teacher, will guide you through a series of evocative questions that will create your Life Vision - a compelling reason for living, something more ongoing than goals that will give you a compelling, fulfilling purpose in life. Here’s what to expect: 1) You will create a Life Vision through answering a series of questions, writing and drawing. 2) You will craft a Life Purpose statement based on your vision of the life you desire. 3) Once your Life Purpose statement is complete we'll explore other resources and tools for further insight. 4) You will use your Life Vision and Purpose to set short and long-term goals This service is offered with a 7 or 12-week coaching programs. Materials include: Workbook, textbooks, and other resources. Schedule you free Discovery Session prior to booking.

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